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Fire Detection Systems

We can provide an up to date fire detection system and services to notify you of a fire in its early stages. Various detention systems including alarms and detectors.

Fire Sprinkler Systems

We can provide you with the design, fabrication and installation of new, alteration and additional sprinklers. As well as Hydrants, Hose reels, fire pumps and water storage tank installations. We also provide the servicing of 3 yearly overhaul of sprinkler control valves.

Fire Fighting Equipment

Service and Recharge of Portable Fire Equipment.

Supply and Installation of New Fire Equipment.

Supply and Installation of Fire Signage.

Fire Sprinklers Installations and Repairs.

Fire Hose Reels and Fire Hydrants Installations and Repairs.

Fire Training Services

We provide a basic fire training service that will give you detailed information on how to operate all different firefighting equipment. This training is 1 hour, and a Basic Firefighting Training Certificate will be issued.

This training and demonstration are done by a certified SAQCC technician.

Training is by an appointment only. Please contact us –